BOY – Miblu Music Video

Music Video directed by Sarah Scherer
Filmed Motto Vienna, April 2019

Cinematographer – Benedict M. Heinzl
Gaffer – Adrian Bidron
Focus Puller – Valentin Pritz
Makeup – Miyu Haydn
Hairstylist – Florian Gepp
Costume – Uschi Heinzl & Claire Blake
Set Design – Aylin Derinsu
Production Assistants Philip Grimm & Jutta Köppel & Luis Paulitsch
Set Photography – Thomas Dalby 
Editing – Roxana Rahnama

Actor – Christian Schiesser
Actress – MIBLU

David Aruna
Marietta Born
Kim Chakraborty
William Gbenjen
Tim Habe
Klara Howorka
Emma Kielty
Verena Kitzler
Josef Lang
Alina Trippl

Produced, Mixed & Mastered @ MP The Kid
Lyrics by MIBLU

All set photos by Thomas Delby

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