QUIET! The Internal Clamour

Brick 5, May 2016 Developed and performed by Claire Blake, Hannes Dufek & Reka Kutas Concept and direction – Claire BlakeConcept development – Claire Blake, Hannes Dufek, Reka KutasMusical Direction – Hannes DufekKlangregie – Lukas FroschauerAusstattung – Claire BlakeVisuals – Eduardo Trivino CelyDramaturgie – Martina Maggale All photos by Edward Chapon A Kollaborativ Kollektiv ProductionKindlyContinue reading “QUIET! The Internal Clamour”

Drachen Tan Go!

Konzerthaus Wien, October 2015 With TWANGO and Sarah Jeanne Babits Konzept, Inszenierung – Sarah Jenne BabitsMusikalische Leitung – Wu Ruei-RanKostüme, Bühne – Claire BlakeAssistenz – Maria Hruschka TWANGOWu Ruei-Ran – BandoneonKaoru Asayama -GeigeDiego Collatti – KlavierFelipe Javier Medina – Kontrabass All photos by Igor Ripak Eine Produktion der Jeunesse in Zusammenarbeit mit Bahamut Productions

The Artist Is Not Present

Das Off Theater, Vienna – May 2015 With Gloria Damijan, Katrin Hauk, Bernhard Schöberl, Gabi Teufner The Artist Is Not Present questions the idea of presence and physical limitation of the word, as well as questions the assumed authority of “the artist”. It is a short, somewhat absurd piece of music theatre that asks moreContinue reading “The Artist Is Not Present”

I Sing The Body Electric

Mo.ë Vienna, May 2014, and Tete a Tete Opera Festival London, August 2014. With Jonas Bente, Werner Kitzmüller, Christina Scherrer & snim. Written, directed and designed by Claire Blake.Music Direction – Hannes Dufek.Featuring snim musicians – Manon Bancsich, Gloria Damijan, Gobi Drab, Reka Kutas, Bernhard Schöberl, Lukas Thöni, Michael Zacherl. Proudly supported by snim, SKEContinue reading “I Sing The Body Electric”