Ikarus oder der Traum vom Fliegen

Dschungel  Wien, January 2016

With Steffi Jöris, Maartje Pasman, Rino Indiono

Inszenierung, Choreografie – Erik Kaiel
Kostüm und Ausstattung – Claire Blake
Dramaturgie – Julia Perschon
Regieassistenz – Klara Rabl
Licht – Stefan Enderle

All photos by Ani Anatova

Drachen Tan Go!

Konzerthaus Wien, October 2015

With TWANGO and Sarah Jeanne Babits

Konzept, Inszenierung – Sarah Jenne Babits
Musikalische Leitung – Wu Ruei-Ran
Kostüme, Bühne – Claire Blake
Assistenz – Maria Hruschka

Wu Ruei-Ran – Bandoneon
Kaoru Asayama -Geige
Diego Collatti – Klavier
Felipe Javier Medina – Kontrabass

All photos by Igor Ripak

Eine Produktion der Jeunesse in Zusammenarbeit mit Bahamut Productions

Mama singt Geschenke

Dschungel Wien, November 2015

With Marie-Christiane Nishimwe

Concept and Direction – Stephan Rabl
Music Arrangement – Markus Jakasic
Costume & Stage – Claire Blake
Light – Stefan Enderle
Director’s Assistant – Clara Böhm

A Dschungel Wien Production

First Ever Wedding Dress!

This year I had the extreme pleasure of making my first ever wedding dress for a very dear friend of mine. I’ve in the past avoided doing wedding dresses, because of the huge emotional pressure of them, but with Liisa I knew it would be a blast.

Unable to decide between a lace or tulle dress, the decision was quickly made for Liisa when she inherited the old lace wedding dress from her soon-to-be mother-in-law. We were both super glad to upcycle this dress into her more modern, and softly feminine dress. For both of us it was important to create something unique and environmentally and budget friendly!

A super experience, one I’d like to repeat (hint, hint any newly engaged folks out there!), which already led to further commissions, in the form of the groom’s gold cycling hat!

Much love to Liisa and Matthias, my first wedding couple clients, and I send them both the very best of love and luck as they embark on this new life adventure together!

The Artist Is Not Present

Das Off Theater, Vienna – May 2015

With Gloria Damijan, Katrin Hauk, Bernhard Schöberl, Gabi Teufner

The Artist Is Not Present questions the idea of presence and physical limitation of the word, as well as questions the assumed authority of “the artist”. It is a short, somewhat absurd piece of music theatre that asks more questions than it answers.

Written and directed by Claire Blake.
Musicians: Gloria Damijan, Katrin Hauk, Bernhard Schöberl, Gabi Teufner
Performer in film: Claire Blake
Assistant director: Sarah Scherer

Performed at Das Off Theater, Vienna on the 28th May 2015, as part of Grenzwerte 6, organised by snim.

A snim/Grenzwerte Production

I Sing The Body Electric

Mo.ë Vienna, May 2014, and Tete a Tete Opera Festival London, August 2014.

With Jonas Bente, Werner Kitzmüller, Christina Scherrer & snim.

Written, directed and designed by Claire Blake.
Music Direction – Hannes Dufek.
Featuring snim musicians – Manon Bancsich, Gloria Damijan, Gobi Drab, Reka Kutas, Bernhard Schöberl, Lukas Thöni, Michael Zacherl.

Proudly supported by snim, SKE and The Austrian Cultural Forum, London.
A Stuthe Cooperation.

Photos by Pia Clodi (Vienna) and Claire Shovelton (London).